bulk sms for higher conversion rate

In today’s era, as SMS marketing is evolving rapidly day by day nowadays organizations uses bulk SMS service for marketing their business. Bulk SMS involves sending messages to a large group of audience one at a time. It is reliable, cost-effective and moreover easy to adapt for large as well as small organizations.

Some tips on how to optimize your bulk SMS messages for higher conversion rates are:

1.Know your target audience

For any business to do better in market, first they should know about their customers. You can base them according to their age, interests, previous engagement with brands. By doing this you can fully understand about your customers and the type of person you’re talking to in SMS.

2.Include Call-to action

You can use call-to action in your SMS as it encourages customer to take immediate action while receiving a message. Some of the call-to action messages are ‘click here’, ‘learn more’, ’register now’. It helps the customer by making it easy and convenient.

3.Personalization in messages

Use message with recipient’s first name or any personal information about them so that the message feel more personal, engaging and relevant. Through personalizing the messages, customer feels more valued and are likely to attend your event.

4.Be real on timing

By this we mean, sending of SMS on relevant time of the day. You should avoid sending messages too early in the morning or late at night. Consider a reasonable hour when you know your recipient is likely to see and respond. You should also avoid sending message during weekend, holidays or non-working days so that they don’t feel bothered by your message.

5.Keep it simple and concise

You should keep your messages short so that receiver don’t get bored by your message. Be straight to point, use simple languages, be polite to your customer, be clear about what you’re trying to tell your customers through your message.

By following these tips and practices on bulk SMS you can promote your event and increase your engagement in marketing your business. If you are interested in bulk SMS, you can contact at 9802005007/10 or mail us your query at marketing@janakitech.com.


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