Sparrow SMS and Rakuten Viber to provide messaging service in Nepal

Sparrow SMS officially launched Viber messaging service in Nepal on March 21st, bringing customers and marketers together in one place. Sparrow SMS, the leading VAS service provider in Nepal, partners with Rakuten Viber to provide Viber Business messaging service in Nepal.

In Nepal, we have seen an increase in the number of young, tech-savvy people in recent years. Furthermore, with the increased penetration of Smartphones, we find a large number of people using Viber as a communication medium. Most importantly, marketers use Viber messaging in Nepal to find marketing opportunities.

For the people who are new to Viber marketing in Nepal, 

Viber Marketing connects with a specific audience through Viber. It falls under the category of social media marketing, and it allows you to reach out to your customers and clients immediately.

It is thought to be an effective way to connect with customers on a more personal level and to gain a better understanding of buyers’ journeys. It provides insights to help you understand and serve your customers’ and clients’ needs.

Over 10 million Viber users are estimated to exist in Nepal. You can see how you can use Viber to reach, engage, and communicate with such a large audience. The majority of businesses in Nepal already use Viber bulk messages to leverage sales.

Viber Messaging in Nepal 

Sparrow SMS Messaging System and Viber Business messaging service offer a user-friendly dashboard that does not require any technical knowledge, making it business owners easy to organize messaging campaigns.

Now, by using Sparrow SMS and Viber Business messaging, businesses, institutions, enterprises, and organizations can connect with their clients and customers with specific types of Viber bulk messages including SMS and in-app push messages. Enterprises can promote their offers to over a million people residing in Nepal. 

You can use the Sparrow SMS dashboard to generate real-time campaign reports, track the progress of marketing campaigns, and ensure that Viber bulk messages are delivered correctly.

With Viber messaging service in Nepal, you have more freedom in how you deliver messages. In contrast to SMS, which has a character limit of 160 characters, you can send up to 1000 characters. You can use various types of messages, such as stickers, links, eye-catching images, and CTA buttons, to inform your customers about your company’s brand, services, and products.

The fact that you are charged for delivering Viber bulk messages differentiates Viber messaging from other marketing channels. And, even if the internet is unavailable, your message will be delivered. All calls and messages in Viber are encrypted end-to-end by default.

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