Intro to Viber Business Messaging in Nepal

Sparrow SMS and Rakuten Viber partners to reach millions of people in Nepal. Viber Business Messaging is an incredibly popular customer communication tool in Nepal. 

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“Why choose Viber business profile for company branding over other platforms?” I want to make money out of my products and services, not messaging channels about life and weather.”

But here is how you can use the Viber Business Messaging platform for benefiting your business, 


Viber Messaging for Business enables businesses to communicate with customers by using their phone numbers. It utilizes automated messaging that can help in connecting to a customer support platform in messaging customers manually. Large corporations typically use it to send a large number of transactional messages, such as user authentications and status alerts. 

Killer Features of Viber for Business


1. Encrypted message default 

In the present digital world where companies are struggling with data protection and security, Viber ensures data security. Viber allows you to communicate in real-time in a variety of ways. It has end-to-end encryption transmission by default. 

Viber also protects your data by encrypting video clips, text messages, audio clips, and other types of data. The customer information is not stored on Viber servers once it is delivered. It also allows users to share their current location with their contacts.


2. SMS Fallback 

The amazing thing about Viber Messaging in Nepal is that when there is no internet connection, SMS is used as a fallback. To elaborate, Viber switches to SMS, ensuring your messages get delivered on time. You get a guaranteed message delivery. 

Viber’s SMS fallback option allows businesses to send messages directly to their target audience via Viber. 

Each brand can create its own Viber business profile and send bulk or personalized campaigns to users in real-time. If you have contacts who are not on Viber, you can easily send your messages in the form of SMS using the SMS fallback option and ensure that they reach all of your contacts.

The integration of Viber for business is easy. You can send reach-text Viber messages in Nepal through a Viber web interface or Viber messaging for business API. 


3. Viber Web Interface

You can send simple and easy marketing campaigns through Viber Web Interface. If you are interested in bulk sms do give a try our Sparrow demo account for free bulk sms service.


4. Viber messages for business API

Viber business messages API integrates to direct database integration for messages triggered by specific user actions or events. Not clear? When you are involved in any online transactions or log in to a particular platform, you get four or six-digit codes within a couple of seconds, that’s what we call OTP. With Viber API you can allow users to receive OTP. You can send transactional messages via Viber. 


Using Viber for Business in Nepal 


If you are someone looking for conversational commerce and marketing opportunities, Viber messaging is the best fit for one-to-one personalized messages. Viber helps you to analyze your customer journey to enhance the customer experience. 

Viber Business messages are extremely cost-effective because brands can only pay for Business messages that are delivered, as opposed to those that are simply sent out. Viber bulk messages help in delivering detailed information about your product or services with eye-catching content i.e images, links, video, voices, and more. Customers get to know about your marketing campaign before your competitor’s campaigns. You can send details about coupons and promotions.

Types of messages 


Viber provides businesses with a blue tick, a dedicated profile that supports one-way communications. 

1. Promotional Messages 

In case you are wondering what are Viber promotional messages, it is the type of text that has rich media such as emojis, images, Call-To-Action(CTA) buttons, and more. These are built in the same way as all messages for Viber, but these use the promotional label in the web interface when creating Viber bulk messages. 


2. Transactional Messages 

Viber Transactional messages allow you to notify customers about updates on changes or any important messages such as account charges, booking confirmations, feedback, etc. It can be one or two ways to allow your customers to respond for further action. 


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