Everyone is saying that  Bulk SMS Marketing is amazing and has helped them increase their business tremendously. They tell you about its advantages, how easy it is to create campaigns and how much more profit you can earn by sending out personalized messages to your customers. 

But now you are filled with disappointment because you tried but failed. You’re thinking why it worked for everyone else but not for you? Perhaps the approach you’re using is not correct.

Like other marketing tools, SMS Marketing also has some basic rules, which will negatively impact your business if not followed. It’s time for you to evaluate strategy then keep on trying the same thing. 

Here are the reasons why your Bulk SMS marketing campaign failed which could be easily avoided:

  • Your Business is Different: Every business is different. Every business has different customers and different needs. The Bulk SMS Service approach for one company may not work for another. You will need to understand your business, customers and market. Understanding your business and customer is very important for designing the perfect Bulk SMS marketing strategy for your business.
  • Creative SMS Marketing Content: Your content for Bulk SMS should be creative and you should be able to think like the audience you will be serving, instead of thinking like a business. Ask yourself what would you like to read as a subscriber, before starting content. You will need to create captivating headlines with brief and to the point content.
  • Call-to-Action: With creative content, your Bulk SMS will also require the inclusion of a call-to-action link or button. The button should be for coupon redemption, customer support, refer a friend, and much more suitable for your business and Bulk SMS marketing strategy. Missing this may lead to failed marketing.
  • Strategies of Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns: Developing a perfect and specific strategy for each product and service of your business is very important to receive a good conversion from Bulk SMS marketing. Try using personalized SMS for an individual product and different customer groups to update them about new products, service, offers, etc. instead of using generic messages for all products.
  • Avoid Spamming: This is a very essential aspect under Bulk SMS, spamming is bad and customers can easily be irritated. Following a proper timetable like once a week or 2-3 times a month, is more than sufficient. You should also not send the same SMS content repeatedly and stick to the plan you have made.

In Nepal, Sparrow SMS is the best Bulk SMS service provider. They have been in business for 11 years and have understood these rules very well. Being the best Bulk SMS service provider, they help design concrete SMS with a unique and dynamic approach. 

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