Sparrow SMS – VAS Service in Nepal

Sparrow SMS is a SMS VAS Solutions provider for Nepal. We provide SMS VAS Services for Nepal Telecom and NCell Operators’ GSM Networks throughout the country.

Sparrow SMS is the service provided by Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We provide services via the following shortcodes. All the mentioned shortcodes available both for NCell and Nepal Telecom GSM Networks.

  • 34001 – Re – 1
  • 35001 – Rs – 5
Any keyword is possible for the shortcodes mentioned. However we have separated the keywords into two major categories.
  • Normal Keywords
    • Keywords formed especially from the Initials or abbreviated Acronyms of company, product or individuals example. SPRW, JT, POK, etc.
    • Anyone can opt in for the Normal Keywords
  • PRIME Keywords
    • Keywords formed for very common English or Nepali words are under this category. for example. NEWS, GOAL, VOTE, LOVE, DRAMA, etc
    • These keywords have special weightage and Sparrow SMS doesn’t provide these keywords, unless the content provider is justified for the keyword.
WHY 4001
We prefer/recommend 34001 shortcode in the following cases.
  • When the content provider’s motive is not to earn directly from the SMS Revenue
  • When the content provider wants to deliver information/message to its customers/clients via SMS.
  • When the purpose of the SMS Campaign is some official visiting card or Info On Demand campaign for the firm/company
WHY 35001
  • For PRIME services
  • When an incoming revenue is expected from SMS Campaign
  • Incoming Volume is extremely large and the liability per SMS is less primary for the SMS sender
Contact Sparrow SMS on business days at the following contact address.

Sparrow SMS

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