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Bulk SMS for increased brand loyalty?

It’s really too easy to find your competitors in just a few seconds. In this case, building your brand loyalty in customers is a great challenge. One bad social gaffe can lose your customers quickly.

Brand loyalty comes from good customer experience and a positive relationship with your customers. Bulk SMS can be the best way to reach out to your customers proactively. This makes loyalty a bit easier to achieve.

With the high response rate of SMS, it gives you the opportunity to retain a relationship with your customers.  Never forget that personal relationship can make a big difference in whether your customer stays with you or jump out to your competitor.

Let’s see how you can build brand loyalty through Bulk SMS:


Target your customers

First, this is to get a prospects database. Your customers have to opt-in to receive SMS alerts. The best way to get more subscribers is to grab their attention when your soon-to-be customers move around your brand. For example, Retailers and restaurants can publicize their discounts and offers on their windows with a call to action to send a text to get some discount. Type OFFER and send an SMS to 35001.

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After-sales follow up

Your job is not just to sell the product. Customers don’t only pay for the product but the experience. After your customer makes any purchase, you can just send a simple text asking how it’s working and if they need any help and support. Always keep in mind that customer loyalty is built on relationships, not sales.

Enhance Customer service

If you have to deal with thousands of customer support call daily, it’s the best time to use an SMS customer service strategy. This will strain off overworked call center employees and maintain a good relationship with your customers.


Give your Customers a Voice

Customers want to be heard. Creating a 2-way communication channel will help to improve the product experience. Always feel free to ask your customers for feedback on your product, complaints, idea, concerns and so on. Participating your customers in making your business better will make them feel like their concerns are being heard. This actually gives them a good experience, thus build loyalty to your brand.

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Maintaining Contact

You don’t need to send a text every day to maintain contact with your customers. But, you should contact them at least once a month to remind them you exist. Keeping regular and personal contact will help to increase your brand loyalty. The best-proven example is to send a ‘Happy Birthday’ message to your customers.

Customers are looking more than just a product. They pay for a great experience. Bulk SMS can enhance customer service levels and leave an everlasting impression on your brand. If you have any questions related to Bulk SMS in Nepal or would like to discuss setting up an account, feel free to Call/WhatsApp: 9802005007/08. We’re always happy to help.



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