How Retailers are Using Bulk SMS Marketing to Boost Their Sales

Bulk SMS marketing can boost some untouchable numbers when it comes to open and response rates. What makes SMS marketing so great, is that every message you send you can virtually guarantee that it will be read by the recipient within 3 minutes of delivery.

Retailers have different options or channels these days to market their businesses. Gone are those days when marketers put an advert in a magazine and hoping for an inflow of purchases. Bulk SMS marketing is the perfect way to reach the target audience easily and effectively. It works together with your digital marketing to boost sales, retain the relationship with customers, improve business communication, and develop your small retail business into a huge worldwide brand.

SMS marketing can aid in communicating new product information, offers and discounts, order notification, delivery details and so on. Here are the other ways how retail business can be benefited:


Send promotional offers and sales  

Do you regularly have sales and offers on? Then text message will work wonders!

With SMS marketing you can add a link to your website or specific sales page, and with a stirring message or offer, you can get your customers clicking and purchasing straight away. Also, let them know that you have a sale on, when it finishes, how they can take advantage of it and most importantly how much they can save.

“Hi Sam, just thought we would let you know we have 30% off today in-store and online- visit us now”


New ranges or products

You want as many as your customers to know about your products especially when you have a new product or range in your store. SMS Marketing helps to keep your customers updated of your new ranges or products.  The best way is to send them a link or get them to come to the store.

“Hi Sam, just to let you know we have just had our brand new collection land in store and online. Please have a look and see what you think.”


Delivery and order notifications

Thanking customer after every purchase helps to retain customers for the long term. Thank you messages can be sent with the delivery details. Its great way to make them feel like they are in safe hands and this customer service always pays off.

“Hi Sam, thank you for your order! Your item will be with you shortly. We hope you love it!”


Get more store visits

Getting your customers through the door is the toughest task. This can be simplified by sending text messages with an offer that encourage your customers to visit the store.

“Hi Sam, just to let you know we have an exclusive offer running this weekend, 40% off but only in-store! So make sure you pop in 34 High Street 5GHT”


SMS loyalty programs

Customers like them to treat special, and by sending them exclusive offers by text message – you will certainly make them feel special.

“Hi Sam, as you are a special customer and part of our exclusive loyalty program you can get 25% off in-store and online this week – offer ends midnight Sunday – enjoy!”


SMS surveys 

Feedback is as important as your sales. Collecting feedback from your existing customers is a great way to find out what you are good at and where you can improve. So after every purchase, you can ask for feedback from your customers and see what they think of your product or service.

“Is there anything else you would like to see in our stock here at text marketer retail shop?” 


These are just some of the great ways retailers are using Bulk SMS Service to boost their sales and grow their customer base. So if you are a retailer or have an online website, give SMS marketing a go, your customers will love it and I am sure you will soon start to see the benefits.

Sign up today with a Free Trial of SMS for Your Retail Store and start to see how SMS can help your business.



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