Improve business communication with SMS

Bulk Text messaging services can work great as an internal means of communication. This is beneficial especially for large organizations where there are large teams and departments as communication between them can get lost and misdirected. Organizations use different internal communication means for sending important messages. Email can be one you might be thinking of but there is a high chance of getting your message lost in the huge volume of incoming emails.

Here are some uses of Bulk Text messaging to keep your colleagues informed:


Alert of Meetings

Informing every single person for the meeting can be a hectic task. In this case, sending Bulk SMS to all the team members can be a fantastic way to organize the meeting. An instant alert can be sent directly to their phones ensuring that everyone had received the message and be informed about the meeting. You can even allow peoples to respond to your SMS confirming their presence.


Special Occasions

It is always fruitful to keep your relationship with employees and colleagues strong and friendly. Texting them on a special occasion like Christmas, New-year can be a great way to develop a dynamic team working environment. Sparrow SMS Bulk SMS service allows you to manage groups so you can create different groups in regards to a different department and team members. You can use this feature when you need to send a target report to the marketing department only but not the accounting department.

Bonus Tip: You can send a personalized birthday message to your colleague. This will make them feel that you care for them.


Company News

Bulk SMS can help to deliberate any upcoming company changes, events, HR notices, etc. simply in a single click. Keep your employees continually updated with everything happening in your organization. The best part is, it is an affordable and effective means to reach out instantly.

These are only some examples of how businesses can keep in touch with colleagues via bulk text messaging. There are other different ways Bulk SMS can make your company work smarter and efficient. If you are eager to learn more, do not hesitate to contact Sparrow SMS Customer Service Team on 9802005007/08


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