boost app downloads via SMS

Bulk SMS to Boost App Downloads

Just developing and uploading an app in the play store is not enough to get millions of downloads. Getting huge app downloads is not an easy task.

You may have spent a huge amount of money developing an app to increase downloads but have failed.  This shows the need to create simple and best app marketing strategies to get high exposure to your app.

Your every tactic requires more investment and time. So, to help you out in increasing app downloads, we have brought you the low cost and best marketing tactic that will help you boost your download rates and promote your product effectively and efficiently. Bulk SMS or Promotional SMS service can justify your investment significantly.

You might be thinking, how you can get started?

Don’t worry! If you don’t even have any idea How to use this service to increase your app download, here is a quick procedure to send SMS to your targeted audience.

  • Select reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal
  • Purchase an SMS Web Account with Them
  • While Sending, Keep Your App Download Link of Play store/IOS Store in the Message
  • Keep the Content Short and Simple
  • Send Bulk SMS to your customer Databases

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That’s all you have to do. Now, you just wait and see how many app downloads increased after this campaign. This way you can enhance your results and gain customer loyalty.

If you are an app developer, don’t miss this opportunity!

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