How to Encourage Customers to Opt-In to Your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Yes, we all know the benefits of Bulk SMS in Nepal and how it helps us to grow our business. But, growing customer’s opt-in list isn’t an easy task and you need a list of your customers and prospects to deliver your messages and offers. Some may think about purchasing unknown data and sending SMS to them. This method was popular previously but these days it’s really sick and a waste of money and time.

If you want to make your Bulk SMS marketing campaign successful, you should make sure you have eager and valuable subscribers. Here are some of the tips to get them to opt-in to your marketing campaign:


Make Your Message Valuable

Your customers will only be ready to opt-in and signup to your SMS list if they find a good value. It can be offers, quality, and trust for purchasing your product. Then only, your subscribers are interested to purchase your product and more likely signup with you. For example, you can send Discount or Free Offer related message encouraging more opt-ins.


Keep It Short

No one is interested in reading long messages even though it carries vital information. So, it’s better to keep your message short with valid information. When you’re offering something of value, 160 characters of the text message is enough. But, make sure to make it clear and interesting that encourages your customers to Opt-in to your Bulk SMS Marketing campaign.

Bonus Tip: You can add a CTA button to make your message more Straight Forward.


Send SMS at the Right Time

Timing is everything. Your customers might read SMS instantly but they won’t react to it during their work time and morning rush. You should be careful about the group you are targeting and connect them on their time frame. They should feel it as productive and informative when they receive your SMS.

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As soon as you are clear on your target market, think of all the possibilities to reach them. If you are convinced to start Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign, talk to our SMS experts now, 9802005007/08.


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