The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

The main purpose of Bulk SMS Marketing is to help your businesses to market your products and nurture customer relationships with the people who love your brand. The next ruling factor is that SMS messaging is fast and secure with a higher open rate of 90%.

You can know the benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing here.

Now that you know why bulk SMS is the important marketing tactics for high conversion and sales volume, you can follow some key rules to get the most effective return for you and your customers.

Sending SMS incorrectly can harm your business! That’s why today, we’re detailing the do’s and don’ts of effective Bulk SMS Marketing.




1. Include a Call-to-action

SMS messages are short with just 160 characters long that cause marketers to place less emphasis on the call to action. This is a big mistake. The marketer can take the benefit of a high open rate of SMS with a clear and concise call to action. You’re actually telling customers what to do after they read your SMS marketing message.  Additionally, it is beneficial to include a text call to action on your other marketing channels to boost their efficacy, as well as increase your mobile subscribers.

2. Timing is important

SMS is very personal. It lands directly into customer’s hand so you must take care of the times of day when it is appropriate to send your marketing messages.  When sending SMS messages to your customers or potential clients, schedule your SMS messages to be sent at appropriate times during the day. We recommend sending between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to get maximum attention from your customers.

3. Relevancy

The irrelevant text messages are only the waste of time and money. If it can’t deliver relevant offers and add value to your customers, it doesn’t worth it. You should know about your customers and what it is they really want from your brand. For example, you can send discount offers to your customers before Dashain as they are willing to buy new clothes and accessories.

4. Identify your brand in the message

Sender Id is the brand that let your customers know whom they are receiving a text message from. So it’s an opportunity for you to showcase your brand to your customers. This will not only help in showcasing your business but deduct the chance of ignorance of getting a message from unrecognized short code numbers.




1. Don’t just try to sell – ALWAYS

It’s obvious that you want to sell more products and services to your customers but you must have some boundaries. The consumer market is over-saturated with marketing messages. You should keep this in mind when planning your SMS marketing campaign.  Remember to take a more personal and human approach when communicating with your audience to retain a healthy and long-term relationship.

2. Don’t bombard your customers

Timing is key, but the frequency is also equally important. Sending messages just to say you’re sending something doesn’t create any value here. If you don’t have anything useful to say or offer, simply stay silent. Your customers must get value and a real-time benefit from your SMS marketing messaging. Otherwise, you’ll just annoy people and eventually start losing subscribers. Remember, less is more.

3. Avoid text slang and abbreviations

Although it’s just 160 character message, it’s not a good idea to use abbreviations to provide lots of information at the same time. It is risky as everyone won’t understand texting abbreviations and slang. You might confuse your customers while thinking about taking advantage of limited space in a more rational way. Furthermore, unprofessional language can harm the perception of your brand. Communicate clearly with your target audience in all messages.

We hope the above do’s and don’ts are helpful. They are common sense approaches to using a powerful marketing technique which is used by millions of businesses worldwide as part of their marketing mix. And in our opinion the best part.


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