As we step into the new year, Marketing experts have new strategies for boasting Sales with Bulk SMS in Nepal. But, what new strategy is 2022 bringing in the world of the SMS marketing industry?

If you want to dive into the detailed information of Bulks SMS, go to the section below titled “How is Bulk SMS adding value to Business growth?

Prior to COVID, we could observe financial institutions taking incremental steps toward digitization. You may have observed how BFIs have begun to include digital channels and tools such as a digital wallet, internet banking, and e-insurance. Many businesses, on the other hand, were still unwilling to invest in digital networks.

Digital Transformation in Covid- 19 and Change in Marketing Strategy 

Covid- 19 shattered old barriers and made way for digital transformation. Covid -19 compelled the adoption of digital systems in education, health care, and, more slowly, in the corporate world. Businesses are gradually implementing e-commerce capabilities. They began to incorporate the internet into their business by developing apps, digital payment gateways, social media presence, and other tools. Senior citizens, who had previously laggard in digital adoption, have begun to embrace digital and contactless payments.

So, in 2022, what are the most important and fundamental market demands?

The customer experience has undergone a transformation. To provide better service to customers and clients, one must choose the correct technology platform. Your clients and customers expect the incorporation of humanized contact and connection as e-commerce grows. The following are some of the most basic client desires:

Humanize your communication:

Chatbots can help you better manage your customers. When it comes to customer marketing, though, people favor human interaction over chatbots. Being one-of-a-kind is crucial. As if you were having a one-on-one conversation with your audience, write your stuff as if you were. In the year 2022, human-related and personally relevant material can help you stand out from the throng.

Follow up customers: 

At different points of the buying process, your consumers will want to know different things. So, content writers, fasten your seatbelts and map every piece of content to the marketing funnel to ensure you’re meeting their wants and answering their queries at the right moment.

Use of creativity to connect: 

Understanding the consumer group and buyer’s journey is a critical component of marketing. While promoting your product or delivering information about your organization, you must understand content storytelling and add a creative element.

And, all the above requirements can be fulfilled by the use of Bulk SMS for productivity and efficiency. 

Why do Business owners prefer Bulk SMS over other marketing channel platforms? 

Bulk SMS is a mechanism for sending large numbers of SMS to a specific group of clients with the same message content or you can even send customized messages to your targeted group of people. 

With the advent of free services of messaging, many users use Messenger, Telegram What’s App and so on that only require a connection to the internet. Despite the competition, SMS continues to be popular and is anticipated to grow in the future.

As phone penetration is rising these days, Bulk SMS has become an essential marketing tool for businesses. Also, IoT (Internet of Things) devices are becoming increasingly popular, and many of these devices rely on SMS technology. Media corporations, organizations, schools/colleges, financial institutions, enterprise firms, and other medium and large businesses employ bulk SMS gateways. 

And, believe it or not, it’s all because Bulk SMS provides excellent coverage, deliverability, and reliability. IoT devices can utilize SMS to do everything from sending notifications about server status changes to sending continuous data.

The nicest aspect is that text messages are irreplaceable. It’s concise, straightforward, and instructive, and it can be used at a low cost to reach your target market.

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How is Bulk SMS adding value to Business growth?

There has been an increasing desire for businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently and instantly in order to achieve maximum reach at the lowest possible cost and in the quickest amount of time. Hence, the need for SMS marketing in Nepal is more than ever this 2022.

Here are a few Advantages of Bulk SMS  

1.   Increase in reaching your target customer

Sparrow Bulk SMS helps connect with customers in real-time irrespective of their demographic and geographic locations.

2.     Convenient for brand awareness

Marketers can use the SMS gateway API to handle their SMS marketing campaigns independently, making it simple to send text messages to mobile phones from their own platform. Also, using SMS marketing alerts for deductions, deposits, balances, and withdrawals, among other things. It enables instant access to all vital information via SMS.

3.     High conversion rate for generating leads

Every day, hundreds of advertising emails bombard our inboxes, vying for our attention. It’s challenging for a business to stand out in the social media and email chaos. They have to compete with high-octane programming. In comparison to other marketing methods, bulk SMS has the highest consumer conversion rate. The more personalized your messages are, the higher the conversion rate will be. 

4. Wider Appeal and High Open rate for Brand awareness

With the surge in mobile phone usage, SMS marketing has become a core marketing tool. Businesses can broaden their reach by attracting a wider set of individuals by reaching consumers right at their fingertips. 

Furthermore, because SMS marketing does not require internet connectivity, it is a great technique to reach even those audiences who do not use cell phones. SMS messages are opened within a few seconds of delivery. SMS alerts in Nepal achieve a higher click-through rate with greater engagement.

Leading bulk SMS service Provider 

Sparrow SMS is the first leading value-added service provider in Nepal. Being one of the oldest and best Bulk SMS providers, Sparrow always offers you the best services. If you are interested in integrating SMS services into your business, you can get a free demo account in less than a minute or two. Go visit Sparrow Bulk SMS or connect via email at marketing@janakitech.com

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