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The best moment of my professional career occurred when I received a phone call from Janaki Technology (Sparrow SMS) informing me that I had been selected as a Business Development Officer. Despite not having an IT background, I was very familiar with Sparrow SMS, thanks to SLC results. Sparrow SMS was the first VAS service provider to offer results via SMS. I was very interested in learning about all of the products and features offered by Sparrow SMS, as well as how they work.

In October of 2019, I started working at Sparrow SMS as a Business development officer. The sector, as well as the environment, were both new to me. I was nervous as well, but the other employees quickly helped me adjust to the environment. Our entire team of 16 members was enthusiastic, entertaining, and most importantly, helpful in all aspects of work. They were also very encouraging, which aided in the development of my skills.

We also participated in the GBG biz fest 2020, which was held at DAV school and promotes start-up businesses. It was a very exciting and fruitful event from both an individual and a business standpoint.

Sparrow SMS

Our team was always dedicated to ensuring that our clients got the most out of our services. We believe in the power of text and were dedicated to our slogan. We not only provide our services to clients, but we also assist them in their business promotion activities and provide them with ideas on how SMS service can be useful and beneficial to their business.

Every day, I sharpened my personal skills. Another significant milestone occurred when we partnered with Nepal Traffic to provide service for E Chalan, which would benefit Nepalese citizens in general.


We also provided services to various labs for Covid Reports and NGO/INGO for sending SMS in Nepal’s rural areas to raise awareness about Covid. I was promoted to senior business development officer gradually and steadily. For our 10th anniversary, we celebrated at Dasinkali Village Resort, and for our 11th anniversary, we went to Pataleban Resort.


1Oth Anniversary of Sparrow SMS

It was a great way to refresh the team and have fun with all of the team members. Aside from that, we attended a number of events.

Today marks the 12th anniversary of our company. I am grateful and happy to be a part of our Janaki family for many more years to come, as well as to be a part of other milestones that we will achieve in the coming years. Janaki Technology (Sparrow SMS) wishes you a happy 12th anniversary.

Sparrow SMS - Aabash


Aabash Nepal –  Senior Business Development Officer

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