Cheap SMS API Gateway

Bulk SMS API helps to send single or high volume message like alerts, reminder, notifications, one-time password, and other transactional messages to the customers. You can simply integrate SMS API into the existing system or software to send automatic notifications for any business communication needs.

In this digital market today, SMS is ruling every small and big business organizations. It has been proving its ability and convenience to boost your sales volume and retain customer relationship.

Sparrow SMS provide robust, reliable and easy-to-use SMS API Gateway services trusted by many banks, IT companies, Logistics, Government agencies, Schools and Colleges, Travel agencies and so on.

How to get free Bulk SMS API

  1. Choose the desired module as per your requirements and register an account with Sparrow SMS
  2. You will get an email with further formalities of the undertaking, Sender ID details.
  3. Now you shall receive login account details with free demo HTTP/HTTPS SMS API.
  4. This API you can integrate into your software, application or website and test our free demo account.

Either you wanted to integrate on PHP, Java, Dotnet, WordPress or any other platform, our REST-based API supports to send SMS instantly.

Get free demo account now – Free bulk SMS Sign up here.

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