Survey with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS surveys are the easy, affordable and quick way to grab customer feedback.

Just ask questions – and get answers…

Grabbing your customer’s opinions on what they love about your business, where they think your business can improve your product or service, and ultimately grow your business or organization.

SMS surveys have proven to be the most convenient and effective way to grasp information from your customers. You can think as it as a really simple form of market research. With just a bit of setup work, you can send your first text message survey and start reaping the benefits fast.


Why Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Survey cuts off the high cost and resource of over-the-phone or face-to-face surveys. It provides a quick, efficient and affordable method for conducting surveys.

You can expect these benefits from a text message survey:


Fast feedback

93% of SMS messages are opened within minutes of being received and the average response time for SMS is just 3 minutes. So, this speedy turn lets businesses to access feedback faster and deliver better results.


Engagement at scale

Collecting the feedback from your subscribers will make them valued. Asking about their inputs and sending them the survey results will also help you to retain your customers.


Automatic responses

You can easily set up an autoresponder for your SMS survey to send out a thank you text message to all participants.


Cost- effective:

 At just a few Paisa per text, and with minimal time and resources, you can run the SMS survey. Moreover, with higher response rates and more accurate information, the ROI from an SMS survey is likely to be much higher than its counterparts.


Easy Set-up

Taking SMS survey doesn’t require heavy creative or content. You can easily send SMS in just a few clicks using our Bulk Messaging Platform. You’ll love how easy it is to set up and your customers will love how easy it is to take an SMS survey.


SMS Surveys with Sparrow SMS

There is nothing more valuable than honest feedback, so be sure to take note of the feedback you receive and look at ways to improve your service accordingly.

For more information about how your business can use SMS to conduct customer surveys, or for any other inquiries, head to Sparrow SMS or call/whats app one of our friendly SMS experts any time on 9802005007/08.

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