Build a Database for your Bulk SMS Marketing

If you have been following our blogs, you may have read lots about Bulk SMS marketing and why it’s such a great marketing tool.

You also might be thinking ‘This will work wonders for my business too’. But, all these tips and strategies may be helpful only if I have the database to support it.

At Sparrow SMS, we tend to experience that, for several businesses, this may typically look like the most provoking part – but you’re not alone. In reality, building your SMS database is much easier than you think.

Here are some tips for you:

First thing first, you should decide on text marketing content. Before beginning your process, you should plan what content you will send out in your messages.

Just Ask

The best thing is to start it is by simply asking your customers. But you have to ask in a way they can’t resist like giving the reasons why it can value them. For instance, at the point of transaction, you can simply ask if they would like to receive special offers via SMS.

Website opt-ins

The website is the most secure and easy way to collect information about your customers. You can develop appealing popup or embed any signup forms including content like: “Signup here for the discount coupon.” This will encourage your customers to sign up.

Do you have data already?

Have you searched for the already existing data in your organization?

That can be a CRM database, a Facebook lead form, a Registration form, Emails, or any other phone queries. Or you may have collected mobile numbers for some reason in the past and forgot about it over the years. So, before starting your approaches to collect data from your customers and prospects, you make sure to check the existing information that might add value to your customers.

Short-code and Keywords opt-ins

Shortcodes are an amazing tool for growing your SMS marketing list. You can easily advertise a keyword relevant to your business on shortcodes like 35001, 36001. Keywords can be placed on any promotional material like posters, billboards, social media banners allowing customers to opt-in to receive offers.

E.g. a fancy store could advertise ‘Text PRETTY followed by your name to 35001 to receive our Friday Sale offers’.

Over to you…

This will meet the need of customers to get informed with text messaging and businesses to grab their customers without wasting valuable money and resource.

If you’re keen on running Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign in Nepal for your business speak to us.





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